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Dr. Lem Burnham
ProWorldAthletes, Inc.
President & CEO

In 1992, Dr. Burnham joined former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s staff to develop and establish a Training and Development department that would serve the entire population of NFL players League-wide. Dr. Burnham was the Director and Vice President for Player Development at the NFL for ten years.

During the ten years of Dr. Burnham's leadership the department provided services to more than ten thousand NFL players. Under Dr. Burnham's leadership, and with the appropriate vision and goals, the department of Player Development played a major role in modernizing management and player relations. The department is a leading edge training and development unit for the NFL, and is a major part of the League's labor-relations efforts.

Dr. Burnham was the visionary behind the NFL's training and development system for new players; the "NFL Rookie Symposium", which is a three-and-a-half day mandatory orientation to work-life in the NFL for all drafted rookies each year. The Rookie Symposium agenda include topics on career development, conduct, player contracts and benefits, education, family issues, health issues, labor-relations, League Policies for players, security, and personal finances. At the Rookie Symposium players learn and practice communication and leadership skills, and participate in teambuilding exercises. The Rookie Symposium was Dr. Burnham’s vision and he provided the leadership for the development and implementation phases, and also for the first five years of operations. Dr. Burnham has also participated in the development of training programs for players involving Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, and the National Basketball Association within the last ten years.

Dr. Burnham is a Certified Player Agent and contract advisor, and has many years of experience managing the affairs of professional athletes. Dr. Lem Burnham played professional football for seven years. He was a Philadelphia Eagle and a member of their 1980 Super Bowl team. In 1986 Dr. Burnham became a consultant to the NBA Philadelphia 76ers; in 1987 he added the NFL Philadelphia Eagles; and in 1988 Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles was added.

Dr. Burnham is the author of “Personality in Groups: Group Relevant Personality and Sociometric Status.” He is also the author of “Beyond X’s And O’s,” a handbook for coaches to identify and effectively manage player related issues. Dr. Burnham is co-author of two performance improvement publications including “The Athletic Success Profile” and “The Personal Success Profile.” He is co-author of “The Agenda For The Nation” (Commissioned by the US justice Department and Department for Health and Human Services, National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women).

He is also the co-author of two groundbreaking NFL publications aimed at preventing negative player conduct. The two NFL publications are “On Domestic Violence” (A domestic violence prevention publication for NFL players); and “No Means No” (A sexual assault prevention publication for NFL players).

Dr. Burnham is a Life Member and Vice President for Community Relations of the Maxwell Football Club. He is a member of the NFL Alumni Association and past Vice President of the Philadelphia Chapter. He was the recipient of "The Outstanding Athlete of America Award" in 1994. This award is presented by The Valley Forge Military Academy & College, for outstanding contributions to athletics both on and off the fields. A lifetime achiever, Dr. Burnham has been elected to several "Who's Who" Publications, including "Who’s Who In America" and "Who’s Who in the World".

Following high school and prior to pursuing higher education and athletic achievements Dr. Burnham served four years in the United States Marine Corps, including a 13-month tour of duty in Vietnam with the 3rd Marine Corps Division. For his military service Dr. Burnham received the following honors and awards: Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Service Medal; Combat Action Ribbon; Naval Unit Citation; Presidential Unit Citation; Vietnam Service Medal w/1 Star; Vietnam Campaign Medal w/device.

Dr. Burnham is a diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association and the American Board of Psychological Specialties. He is Board Certified in Forensic Clinical Psychology; Psychological Assessment, Evaluation and Testing; and Substance Abuse Psychology. Dr. Burnham is a member of the American Psychological Society and the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Dr. Burnham earned his Ph.D. in the field of psychology from Temple University in 1984. He earned a Masters of Science degree from Minnesota State University in 1978. In 1974 Dr. Burnham earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology from U.S. International University (California Western College).

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