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Robert Kieckhefer
Health Care Service Corporation - Blue Cross & Blue Shield of IL, NM, OK & TX (Retired)

Bob Kieckhefer retired in January 2010 from Health Care Service Corporation - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

Bob Kieckhefer joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois in 1997 after nearly three decades as a reporter and editor for United Press International. He served as Vice President of Public Affairs for Health Care Service Corporation at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico and Texas. He handled media relations, government relations and community relations, including interactions between Blue Cross and the domestic violence movement.

Mr. Kieckhefer has involved Blue Cross in many violence prevention efforts. They include employer-based interventions against domestic violence, a State of Illinois project to provide model domestic violence policies for all Illinois employers, and a variety of national projects and conferences. He helped Blue Cross partner with the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority and the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, and is a Family Violence Prevention Fund "Founding Father," encouraging male efforts to prevent domestic violence. In March 2004, Lifetime Television honored Bob in their "Times Square" project for his outstanding work to end violence against women.

In addition, Bob is a Board Member of the National Turf Writers Association, and is involved with many other organizations and groups centered around journalism, public relations, violence prevention, protection and promotion of civil rights and equality, food and sports. He has a Bachelor of Science in Political Science degree from St. Louis University.

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