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2004 Domestic Violence Awareness Month Activities

Senate Resolution declaring October 2004 as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

American Express
American Express trains managers on domestic violence and the workplace in their Phoenix, AZ offices on October 20.

American Express - Minneapolis, MN holds brown bag on domestic violence for all employees October 28. The company invites employees to "take this opportunity to learn more about domestic violence and what they can do to help."

Blue Shield of California FoundationBlue Shield of California Foundation's Blue Shield Against Violence program has the following planned for October 2004

Speaking Engagements - October 1 - SAVE Business Breakfast, Fremont, CA; October 4 - California Assembly Select Committee on Domestic Violence, Santa Clara, CA; October 28 - California Hospital Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

Awards - October 28 - STAND! Against Domestic Violence, Contra Costa, CA

External Media - Workforce Magazine; National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Voices Publication; Comcast Cable "The Round Up" interviews (Long Beach, CA area)

Internal Communications - Team Connection; Enterprise-wide letter from Marianne Jackson, Vice President of Human Resources; Teaser for November print campaign

Announcements - October 25 - Employer Support Website Launch

In addition to coordinating member company events and activities throughout October, CAEPV and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) present the conference, Partnering in Workplace Violence Prevention: Translating Research into Practice, on November 15 - 17 at the Wyndham Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. This meeting is the CAEPV Annual Meeting, and is in conjunction with NIOSH to give CAEPV members a broader opportunity to learn about the latest practices for all forms of workplace violence.

CAEPV National Advisory BoardOctober 5 - Ray Greenwood presents a four hour class entitled "Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Violence at Home and in the Workplace"-- this class will be available during working hours to all city employees of Virginia Beach, VA. The evening of October 5, Ray Greenwood presents a 90 minute program on domestic violence to students on the campus of Old Dominion University.

Central Illinois CAEPV Members and FriendsCentral Illinois CAEPV Members and Friends will participate in "It's Time To Talk Day" events on October 14. Examples of activities include distributing educational materials in workplaces, holding seminars for employees, including domestic violence information at all lectures at a local community college, running a special television show on domestic violence in all residence halls at a local university, tying purple ribbons to law enforcement vehicle antennas, displaying Silent Witness Project silhouettes in prominent areas, hanging posters in workplaces, holding an event to talk about how domestic violence affects children, reaching out the local faith community, and working with media partner, Radio Bloomington.

Lifetime Television — Lifetime Television is offering FREE brochures that can be given to employees, customers, clients, etc. in October. The brochure is called "10 Ways Women and Men Can Stop Violence." Contact Lauren Frederick at Lifetime at Quantities up to 500 can be ordered.

Liz Claiborne
October 1 — Jane Randel, vice president of corporate communications for Liz Claiborne presents at the Texas Business Alliance Against Domestic Violence first statewide conference on domestic violence and the workplace.

October 12 — Dennis Butler, director of associate relations for Liz Claiborne is keynote presenter on domestic violence and the workplace for retail and hospitality groups sponsored by the Maricopa Association of Governments.

October 14 Marie Claire and Liz Claiborne Inc. declare October 14, 2004 the first ever "It's Time to Talk Day" — a day on which Americans nationwide will be urged to talk about domestic violence. Some suggestions for bringing the message to communities include:

  • Distributing educational materials in offices, on the street, in schools, etc.;
  • Encouraging people to discuss the issue by adding language about domestic violence and "It's Time to Talk Day" into any speeches in the weeks leading up to and on October 14th;
  • Suggesting constituents declare a "Moment of Talk" on October 14th during which people around town take a moment to discuss the issue with someone near them; or
  • Working with local government to hold a Town Hall meeting for members of the community to get together and determine ways to address the issue as a group.

Throughout October — Liz Claiborne will be selling their Love Is Not Abuse t-shirts on line at New this year, a scarf and gloves accessory list will be available on-line and through all Rich's-Macy's locations starting in mid-October.

Mary Kay Inc.

October 1 — Mary Kay Inc. sponsors the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women annual humanitarian awards dinner in Beverly Hills. This year's Public Service Award goes to California State Assembly member Judy Chu; Violence Prevention Award to Victor Rivers (featured in Mary Kay's Breaking The Silence: Journeys of Hope documentary); Corporate Award to Wells Fargo; Media Award to television show Law and Order; Volunteer of the Year Award to Jeri Elster, and Community Service Award to Marshall High School. Mary Kay received the LACAAW corporate award two years ago.

October 7— A luncheon launching October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month is hosted by Mary Kay Inc. and the City of Dallas, and underwritten by Mary Kay. Mary Kay Inc. is lauded by the City of Dallas as "a wonderful partner in the ongoing campaign to increase public knowledge of the community services available to victims of domestic violence." The luncheon takes place at Dallas City Hall, immediately after a press conference and the City Council's Proclamation of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. An information fair of community resources staffed by service providers is being held in the lobby of City Hall during the day.

Throughout October — Mary Kay's Award winning documentary Breaking The Silence: Journeys of Hope, funded by Mary Kay Inc. and the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, will air on many PBS stations across the country this October. This sensitively crafted program raises awareness about domestic violence � focusing on women of strength and their journeys from victim to survivor. So far, the following stations have reported scheduling of Breaking The Silence: Journeys of Hope — click here to see scheduling information.

Mid Central Community ActionMid Central Community Action's Countering Domestic Violence Program and the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence will bring the Silent Witness Project to Central Illinois. The silhouettes—which will be displayed at various locations in McLean County—represent actual Illinois residents whose lives were ended as a result of domestic violence, and whose lives they honor.

Northern Trust

  • Northern Trust provides domestic violence and the workplace training for their managers on October 5. Speaker is Kim Wells, Executive Director of CAEPV.
  • Northern Trust presents a "Family Focus Day" highlighting domestic violence on October 18. In addition to educational programs on domestic violence and the workplace, local domestic violence agencies and resources will be represented.


  • In each of their three US offices, RAND will hold presentations on new domestic violence studies recently conducted by RAND researchers.
  • RAND will highlight some of its domestic violence studies under the "Featured Findings" section of their web site.
  • RAND has offered some October briefings to the Congressional Women's Caucus on domestic violence research, and will be sending a more general "email alert" to Congress featuring findings from their domestic violence research.
  • RAND's HR Dept is exploring the options for providing training to HR staff on domestic violence and hopes to have that training delivered during October.
This is the first time RAND has formally honored Domestic Violence Awareness Month and they are looking forward to next year when they will expand the list of activities!

State Farm Insurance Companies
On October 1st (Work to End Domestic Violence Day) State Farm posted an article about domestic violence in their weekly HR Update newsletter on the State Farm Intranet (goes to all US employees).

State Farm is announcing "It's Time to Talk Day" in their Corporate News (an electronic publication that is sent weekly to all Corporate employees). This publication will be sent October 13, explaining what "It's Time to Talk Day" is all about, along with providing employees information on how to recognize a victim of domestic violence and what to say to a victim. They are also providing employees with information on resources they may use, (local domestic violence shelter, safety tips, domestic violence hotline number, CAEPV website, etc) and information on other domestic violence awareness activities occurring during the month of October.

In addition, the State Farm Times (a publication sent to all employees) will feature an article on domestic violence, with information about "It's Time to Talk Day." This article will provide information on how to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence, information on what to say to a victim of domestic violence, and resources for victims.

Information on "It's Time to Talk Day" was sent out to State Farm zone office loss prevention contacts so that they can pass the information along to all zone employees.

The following are activities that will take place for Domestic Violence Awareness Month at State Farm's corporate locations in Bloomington:

  • Corporate buildings will have poster displays and brochures/information available the week of October 25th.
  • A resource program will be available from the Bloomington Police Department, Mid Central Community Action's Countering Domestic Violence Program, and the State Farm Security Unit. They will speak with employees on October 27 at Corporate Headquarters and October 28 at Corporate South from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. both days.
  • The State Farm Corporate employee newspaper/publication -- "The ALFI"-- will feature an article in October on domestic violence awareness.
  • Posters about domestic violence will be placed in State Farm employee shuttles.
State Farm's Ballston Spa (NY) Operations Center will sponsor a fund raiser for the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services of Saratoga County, New York on October 30, 2004. The event is to raise money for their Safe Pet Program — a network of foster homes, veterinarians and shelters who take care of the animals that belong to domestic violence victims. State Farm will display some of CAEPV's brochures and awareness materials at the fund raiser.

Texas Health Resources

  • The Mayors' Symposium on Family Violence takes place in Arlington, Texas on October 13. Speakers include the mayors of Fort Worth and Arlington, San Diego City Attorney Casey Gwinn, and CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells.
  • The Collin County Council on Domestic Violence presents domestic violence and the workplace event (Collin County, Texas) on October 21. CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells will be one of the featured presenters.

Verizon Wireless/Illinois Wisconsin
Verizon Wireless/Illinois Wisconsin will post domestic violence awareness posters in regional offices throughout the month of October.

Verizon Wireless/Midwest Area
Minnesotans can test their reactions to partner violence as a workplace issue when "None of Our Business," a play about domestic violence spilling into the workplace, comes to public television in October as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The original half-hour play, by Theatre at Work in St. Paul, tells the fictional story of Patrice Gleason, whose co-workers at C-Squared Design gradually catch on to the violence she faces at home but don't know how to address it. The play dramatizes the workplace results of the domestic violence that Gleason endures. Those results are: her many absences; the time, curiosity and frustration that consume her colleagues' time; and ultimately, the costly distraction of a crisis for her employer -- and her husband's. Verizon Wireless/Midwest Region sponsored this production.

The Women's Fund of Miami-Dade County
The Women's Fund of Miami Dade County presents their second Corporate Summit on Domestic Violence and the Workplace in Miami, Florida on October 6. Mellon Bank is the host for the conference. CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells is one of the featured presenters, along with Dennis Butler from Liz Claiborne.
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