Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Creating Policies/Plans
If you are in the process of establishing a formal partner violence program for your organization, resources like Creating a Partner Violence Workplace Policy and Best Replica Watches our Getting Started Checklist can make the task easier.
Creating a Partner Violence Workplace Policy
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creatingapvworkplacepolicy.pdf [ Download ]
Here are some points to consider in any policy you develop:
    1) Define partner violence. CAEPV defines partner violence as abusive behavior occurring between two people in an intimate relationship.

    2) Determine existing policies and guidelines that could be applied to this policy. Then determine how they could be modified to address partner violence.

    3) Determine what new policies must be developed (taking into consideration the results of the in-house employee survey we suggest you implement to see what services would be helpful to a victim or abuser).

    4) Employees may need time off to seek protection, go to court, look for new housing, or enter counseling for abuse (for victims and abusers), or for other reasons related to partner violence. Define a policy for flexible work hours, short-term leaves of absence, and extended leaves of absence.

    5) Consider what special accommodations you may be able to make for victims of partner violence e.g., relocation help.

    6) Determine how far you as the employer can go in aiding an employee who is abused or an abuser, while maintaining the integrity of the workplace and
    safety of all employees.

    7) Include specific procedures for responding to situations that occur in the workplace (an employee should______, coworker of a person who is a victim or abuser should______, the manager or supervisor should______, Human Resources should______, Security should______).

    8) Communicate your policy clearly to all employees. Establish a specific reporting protocol so that employees at every level know who to report to and under what circumstances information is to be reported.

    9) Job programs and benefits available to other employees should not be denied to employees based solely on partner violence related problems. By the same token, those employees should have set performance expectations, just as all employees do.
Need additional help in developing your partner violence workplace response? CAEPV has developed a sample policy for workplace threats and violence—including a section on partner violence and the workplace. In addition, we created a survey you can use within your organization to look at employee experience, awareness and understanding of workplace violence issues—including partner violence and its impact on the workplace.
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