Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Domestic Violence 101
From Types of Abuse Defined to Signs of An Abusive Relationship, we've assembled a wide variety of general information on the subject of partner wholesale led lights violence, including research findings.
New Hampshire DV Fatality Report 2004
PDF Document
New Hampshire DV Fatality Report 2004.pdf [ Download ]
This document is produced by the New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Fatality Review Committee Their objectives are: 1. To describe trends and patterns of domestic violence-related fatalities in New Hampshire. 2. To identify high risk factors, current practices, gaps in systemic responses, and barriers to safety in domestic violence situations. 3. To educate the public, policy makers and funders about fatalities due to domestic violence and about strategies for intervention. 4. To recommend policies, practices and services that will encourage collaboration and reduce fatalities due to domestic violence. 5. To improve the sources of domestic violence data collection by developing systems to share information between agencies and offices that work with domestic violence victims. 6. To more effectively facilitate the prevention of domestic violence fatalities through multi-disciplinary collaboration.
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