Nobody knows more about the impact of partner violence on the workplace - and how businesses should address it.
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Employee Education
This section provides a library of materials that can be shared with your employees. Includes information such as Dos & Don'ts to Minimize Violence and baby care tips a sample article entitled Open Your Eyes to Partner Violence at Work.
Domestic Violence and Employment: A Qualitative Study
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Domestic Violence and Employment - A Qualitative Study (2005).pdf [ Download ]
This exploratory study sought to gather detailed information about how domestic violence affects women's employment, specifically to identify the types of job interference tactics used by abusers and their consequences on women's job performance; identify and understand the context associated with disclosure about victimization to employers and coworkers; and identify the supports offered to employees after disclosure. Qualitative analyses, guided by grounded theory, revealed that perpetrators exhibited job interference behaviors before, during, and after work. Abuser tactics reduced women's job performance as measured by absenteeism, tardiness, job leavings, and terminations. Among women who disclosed victimization to employers, informal and formal job supports were offered. Workplace supports led to short-term job retention, but fear and safety issues mitigated employers' attempts to retain workers. It appears courtesy of Jennifer E. Swanberg, Ph.D, a faculty member at the University of Kentucky.
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